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What People are Saying About Nancy

"I would definitely go to Nancy again! She does give you hope, insight and a new perspective. This has really helped me to move forward."

"Besides Nancy's calming voice, which is a healing balm of reassurance, she gets right to reading the situation and angels are ushering in messages as quickly as you can soak it in."

"Nancy is as beautiful and angelic as the Angels she channels for you...she gives 110% of herself , using her many gifts and skill to raise your vibration as high as you will allow her to...love her! "

No doubt about it, Nancy has a true gift! As others had mentioned, she immediately shares amazing information right off the bat and covers so many relevant themes with surprising accuracy and specificity. I just kept saying, "wowww, amazing" during the session. I took notes throughout, and afterwards I looked back and reflected on them and realized how much truth, revelation, and relevant connections she shared about my life- past, present, future. I feel so calm and yet so excited. She also shared some very practical health tips that I'm excited to incorporate into my life. A session with Nancy is so worthwhile and will definitely elevate you on many levels!"  ~ Jacqueline, CA

"Nancy starts delivering messages the minute she answers your call...always warm, funny and loving, she gives you a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down ;-)... You will love her!"

"I had my first Health Coaching session with Nancy yesterday and wow! This lady hit the nail on the head straight away with what’s going on for me.  Nancy has a wonderful way of gently leading you to your own WOW life changing moments.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to have someone there to actually listen to you without judging you.  My hour went so quickly; I can’t wait for my next session next week.   I feel so supported knowing I have someone like Nancy as my Guide and Accountability Partner on my journey." ~ Amanda from Melbourne, Australia

"I love talking to Nancy. She is so in tune with what the angels/guides are saying. I always come away with what I need to hear. Thank you Nancy for the work that you do and for you being you. I know I cram a lot of questions in and your so patient. Bless you!"

- I wanted to thank you so very much for doing the amazing work you do, bringing healing and faith to so many… I wanted you to know that you just helped me to make a huge leap in my own spiritual journey – from a hardened skeptic, who was always struggling with intense fears & worries – to someone who believes… There is no way to thank you enough… 

I am always impressed by Nancy's soft touch and entertaining approach to the whole idea of spirituality, karma and connection…and brings something very special to the table – an intangible but immediately likable quality that is hard to define – and unfortunately, difficult to discern in many other teachers, mediums, mentors and “spiritual gurus” that permeate this space. 

Nancy is able to validate things that were unbelievable, and I appreciate more than I can put in words how she worked with me to get a message across so that I could bring a sense of closure to areas of my life, which had kept me "stuck" for many years.  It was life changing for me. She has a gift and comfort about her, that is so precious, and has been chosen and led to share it with others. I am forever grateful. I feel that I can move forward with a new found hope and understanding of my past and of what the future has to hold. 
Nancy is truly wonderful. I hope she knows how many lives she touches and helps with her fantastic ability, passion, & rare talent, which is truly a gift from God. Thank you again. -

J.B.-Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I came into Create Incredible to lose weight but I got so much more than that. I gained peace of mind free of the saboteur and what my purpose was at the beginning of this course was not my purpose at the end. Nancy helped me see the growth I've had, the leaps and bounds of life events that I've overcome and grown from and helped me to become a better husband to my beautiful husband Sam. I am awake now when I'm making food choices. I am awake while I'm eating and I know when I need to sit back and breathe to center myself again. Having Nancy as my coach with her daily angel messages guiding me and lifting my spirits to keep going made me feel loved, and encouraged. I am grateful for the experience, I am grateful for the results and I am very grateful for Nancy's patience, compassion and her friendship.
Allow yourself to be moved in a way by this course that may surprise you. It was a wonderful surprise full of "AH HA" moments for me."  

~ Dan from Toronto, Canada

" Nancy helped me gather the inner resource of trust that I needed to break through a huge money blockage. Her intuitive reflection guided me to realize my worth and the value of my programs. After talking with Nancy I was able to raise my rates and within 24 hours I sold a client my first high end program. Thank you Nancy! You have been pivotal in the growth of my business." 

       ~Laurel from Boulder Colorado