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What People are Saying About Nancy

"Nancy was so amazing! I reached out to her to connect with loved ones who had passed. The information she provided me and specific details she gave me without prior information was accurate. Nancy is authentic beautiful and caring. I highly recommend Nancy it was my first experience and loved it!

— Jasmine P.  2022

Nancy is very kind and soft spoken. Her reading was exactly what I needed to hear. She gave me information on two of my love ones that passed. She could have never known the things that were said. Truly an amazing visit.

— Keena S. 2022

"I was very pleased with my reading - it was spot on and I hope the events she shared come to fruition"

— Dorothy, 2022

"Nancy is very compassionate and insightful. I  thoroughly enjoyed my reading with her!"

— Heidi, 2022

"I am so satisfied with my reading. She was very polite and professional. I do believe she has a gift. She will do a good job at reading you and your past on loved ones."

— Sanjeeta, 2022

"Nancy gave me validation on things I already intuited and knew in my heart. She also gave me information on a system that's been around for many, many years, but I was only vaguely familiar with. An enjoyable session and gave me peace."

--- Gail, 2022

It was evident that Nancy not only had a talent, but had spent the time educating herself on the best way to use that talent and the best tools to help her. She spoke to my brother (passed) and answered questions that had been lingering, without me even asking.  I have not yet read the report (in my email) but she did nail the personalities of the important people in my life, and helped me to better understand them and forgive them for some recent difficult times.  I went in feeling uncomfortable with myself and came out with an understanding of why I was so uncomfortable and clear (and very basic) direction around how to reverse that discomfort.  Pretty cool 90 minutes. (Kristin, May 23, 2023)

Nancy is very welcoming. She makes you feel like you’re sitting down talking with a friend. (Joanne, May 16, 2023)

This reading filled my heart with so much love knowing my loving Mother is always with me.  Nancy was accurate with details of my life and loved ones, I would highly recommend her. (Lisa March 3, 2023)

So sweet and kind. Talented. (Teena 2/28/23) 

Nancy was kind and relatable. Took her time and was very patient for questions. She took her time and I never felt she was rushing me off our call. Her guidance came at thw perfect time! I look forward to our next session. Thank you Nancy! (Maureen 2/9/23 )

Nancy made me feel very comfortable & explained her work. Very positive experience. She used beautiful decks of cards that were very insightful for me with good guidance & tips! I was very pleased! (Wendy 1/21/23)

A lot to take in but an amazing experience. (Nick 1/8/2023)

I met Nancy for the first time today. She is kind and compassionate and really took her time in explaining how everything works. Her reading was spot on and it was wonderful to hear from loved ones in spirit. If you are on a spiritual journey or simply want to hear from loved ones on the other side, I would recommend Nancy! (Suzanne 10/29/22)

Nancy was wonderful and I didn't want our time to come to an end. The guidance and insight she provided was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. (Christine 10/10/22)

Nancy is very kind and takes her time ensuring the message she is providing is understandable. (Joanne 10/5/22)

Nancy is very warm and friendly.  She was spot on with everything.  I had an amazing time with her and was extremely happy to have the time with her. Nancy is like talking to a friend I’ve known forever. I look forward to meeting with her again. Thank you so much Nancy. (Lynn 9/23/22)

Every time I have a reading with Nancy I leave with a sense of relief and hope. I feel like she is very in tune to people’s energy. I make an appointment with Nancy every time I feel there’s scary uncertainty in my life or I just a need positive boost. She’s such a kind and caring person and makes you feel very comfortable. (Amanda 9/14/22)

Pure bright light from heaven. (Kathleen 8/19/22)

I had an amazing experience connecting with my grandfather and getting some closure. I loved the card reading because it explained a lot of things about me that were accurate as well as eye opening. As a bonus she let me ask her extra questions I had which I really appreciated a lot. (Maryann 8/13/22)

The reading was right on!  It was so accurate and I was stunned at the cards and the order they came up in!  I found the Life reading she set me very interesting !  I will definitely call Nancy for a future reading. (Lisa 7/14/22)

Beautiful and knowledgeable reading. She talked to my guides and it really brought a lot of positive energy, love, encouragement and healing. Nancy knows her stuff. I highly recommend her. You will not disappointed, I guarantee it. (John 7/7/22)

Nancy gave me validation on things I already intuited and knew in my heart. She also gave me information on a system that's been around for many, many years, but I was only vaguely familiar with.  An enjoyable session and gave me peace. (Gail 7/1/22)

I am satisfied with my reading. She was very polite and professional I do believe she has a gift. She will do a good job at reading you and your past on love ones. (Sanjeeta 6/30/22)

I was very pleased with my reading - it was spot on and I hope the events she shared come to fruition. (Dorothy 4/27/22)

Nancy is very compassionate and insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with her! (Heidi 4/28/22)

Nancy!! was so amazing!  I reached out to her to connect with loved ones who had passed, The information she provided me  and specific details she gave me without prior information was accurate. Nancy is authentic beautiful and caring. I highly recommend Nancy it was my first experience and loved it!! (Jasmine 3/21/22)

Good Morning Nancy, just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying my "report".I have read it twice and am going to take my time re-reading each page and studying it to understand it better.

Thank you for making it affordable. (Christine March 3, 2020)

Nancy is the greatest gift I have received this year. My first Angel card reading was so powerful and moving, I made the life changing decision to meet with Nancy weekly for intuitive life coaching. In a short time, I was able to take positive steps towards my goals and make my dream a reality. When I walk in her door I feel wonderful and I always feel uplifted and lighter when I leave.

I couldn’t be happier to have her as my spirit coach. If you have been thinking about seeing a psychic or looking for spiritual support, Nancy will not disappoint. (Jean January 2020)

This woman is spot on. She has never let me down. Everything comes true! (Kathleen November 2019)

Nancy is amazing and her classes are wonderful!
She has helped me so much on my path.🙏🏻❤️ (Gina May 2019)

I met Nancy last year and was blown away at what she gave me. Nancy was very kind and made me feel at easy. She asked that I not give her to much information to start, which really helped to showcase her amazing gift. Everything that Nancy shared with me has happened over the last year. It is amazing how spot on she was. (Lisa March 2019)

Besides Nancy's calming voice, which is a healing balm of reassurance, she gets right to reading the situation and angels are ushering in messages as quickly as you can soak it in." (

I would definitely go to Nancy again! She does give you hope, insight and a new perspective. This has really helped me to move forward." (Phyllis, 2018)

She is very informative. I felt very comfortable and could ask her as many questions as I wanted. The reading took about an hour.  She explains everything regarding the angel reading, and the report that she sends you for the entire year.  I was extremely happy and will definitely be back again. (Christopher September, 2018)

I am a very spiritual person and have been to mediums in the past.  I felt is was time to get a spiritual cleansing because there has been so much going on in my life that I felt I needed some positive affirmation.  Nancy is so gentle and makes you feel so comfortable.  She is also very good at what she does.  She brought up things that have been going on in my life and have happened in my life in the past and was spot on!  I have already recommended friends to go see her and I would go back for sure.  I left there feeling uplifted and cleansed!  Thank you for your healing magic Nancy!  It made a big difference!  (Tammy August, 2018)

I had a phone reading with Nancy. She was amazing. She was spot on about everything and brought me wonderful loving messages and advice from my loved ones and angels. (Gina July 10, 2017)

Nancy is wonderful! She has a really nice energy to her, and she meets you "where you are at" in your own process. She always makes sure you are comfortable and understanding the messages she is communicating. In addition, she is gentle in her approach with people when they are receiving difficult information. She is very compassionate and gifted in the work that she does. ...Highly recommended! (Kerri August, 27, 2016)

I would definitely go to Nancy again! She does give you hope, insight and a new perspective. This has really helped me to move forward. (December 13, 2015)


Nancy starts delivering messages the minute she answers your call...always warm, funny and loving, she gives you a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down ;-)... You will love her! (December 08, 2015)


Nancy is always great to speak with and this occasion was no exception. She always is right on track with what's going on and her advice is superb! (November 26, 2015)


Nancy is an amazing gift from God, a beautiful beacon of Love and Light. She can light up your darkest day. Thank you for all your Love and guidance Nancy( November 26, 2015)


 Nancy is always accurate and gives beautiful and helpful messages from the angels! (November 13, 2015)


Besides Nancy's calming voice, which is a healing balm of reassurance, she gets right to reading the situation and angels are ushering in messages as quickly as you can soak it in. (November 12, 2015)


I love talking to Nancy. She is so in tune with what the angels/guides are saying. I always come away with what I need to hear. Thank you Nancy for the work that you do and for you being you. I know I cram a lot of questions in and your so patient. Bless you!  (October 27, 2015)


Excellent reading and very insightful and helpful. Thank you ! (October 17, 2015)


Thanks Nancy- always great to speak with you and that was great advice. I will take on board! (October 01, 2015)


Nancy is as beautiful and angelic as the Angels she channels for you...she gives 110% of herself , using her many gifts and skill to raise your vibration as high as you will allow her her! (September 23, 2015)


Thank you Nancy!  (September 09, 2015)

A trusted adviser who looks into a fresh pool every reading. September 07, 2015


I enjoy speaking with Nancy and receiving her guidance. The time goes by quickly as we are engaged in exploring on every level. Her kindness and compassion are the perfect nurturing qualities for me when I feel like I am in a storm of uncertainty and deep emotion. She is a blessing.August 23, 2015)


She shares her angle readings from the heart. (August 19, 2015)


Nancy is such an beautiful angelic light! She got to the heart of the matter quickly and was very accurate! She also gave me a solid advice in a sweet and compassionate way. Just what I needed! Thank you, Nancy! (August 18, 2015)


Very insightful and can always help me see the true light inside myself. She reminds me that no one can take that away.. unless I let them. "Take back your power!' she says. (August 15, 2015)


Nancy yes...or Nancy no...why until YOU call'll NEVER know. But if you want some sage advice then pick up the phone and don't think twice....for she won't prance and she won't dance but she gets to the point and YOU'LL have a ask her questions, and learn your special card...when speaking with Nancy, it's never hard. (August 14, 2015)


Nancy tunes in instantly, and always gets very connected to the heart of the matter. She will leave you feeling inspired to live out your DESTINY. (August 12, 2015 )


I'm very pleased with Nancy Angel Reading using Destiny Cards. The messages were very accurate! I got some very helpful tips. Thank You much Nancy!!! (August 01, 2015)


Thank you for reminding me that I am loved and my angels are guiding me through this difficult time. (July 13, 2015)


Nancy is relaxed and will instantly connect like an old friend picking up where you left off. No'll instantly feel like you're with someone who gets you, your situation and she'll reassure, be honest and send you on your way thinking you've got this. ( July 07, 2015)


Nancy thank you so much, it's always so amazing to speak with you. I always end up with clarity and a clearer understanding with what is happening at the present time. As always, I feel calm after speaking with you! (July 02, 2015)




Thank you for helping me get back on track! ( June 28, 2015)


When you connect with Nancy and she has a direct line to spirit and the angels without being placed on hold!! Mama mia...long distance calling that hits close to HOME!( June 22, 2015)


Always a comfort and never disappointed after speaking with Nancy. I seem to continue getting angel messages after having connected with THAT'S cool! (June 17, 2015)


Always gets right to the point and gives me more info than I'm expecting. Thanks, Nancy!  (June 13, 2015)


HI Nancy Thank you so much for all your help , you have helped me change the way I think of people around me for the better and I feel much happier for it . You are an Angel thank you . (June 13, 2015)


Nancy is very quick - tuning in and giving guidance from your angels often before you get the first question out. She also uses a playing card form of divination/guidance which is interesting as well. Lovely to talk to, and I appreciated the encouragement. ( June 13, 2015)


Thank you for giving me the direction I so needed! (June 11, 2015 )


Nancy goes above and beyond to get her message across and it's always done so in a very positive light! She is honest, quick to tun in and she is SHARP!!!.... ( June 09, 2015)


 Always positive. Nancy helps me boost myself back into higher levels of energy. 

Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely

From: Transaction Id 2835873 on( June 08, 2015)


Nancy is very professional and she tunes in immediately...her delivery is kind, upbeat, and honest...she is the gift to yourself that keeps on giving ....thanks again Nancy !!! xo( May 30, 2015)


The insight I receive from Nancy is invaluable. Life has been incredibly colourful over the past 12 mths and I've been quite exhausted from the topsy turvey nature of it all. Nancy cuts through some of the mayhem and grounds me again. I appreciate our conversations each and every time. (May 30, 2015)


I can always count on you being honest with me even if it's something I'd rather not to hear..LOL. Thank you! (May 25, 2015)


Nancy several times. She works quickly connecting to guidance. What I most appreciate about Nancy is that she is able to take the messages she is receiving and share them in a way that is down to earth and understandable in a "yes, I get it" way. She is also very generous with her time and sometimes followup feedback. (May 19, 2015)


It is really calming speaking with Nancy, she tunes in immediately and I'm always grateful for her guidance and insights. Thanks again. (May 14, 2015)


She was spot on. I appreciate her insights and observations. She conveys a great deal of information quickly, professionally and lovingly. I look forward to future interactions. (May 07, 2015 )


I love Nancy's calm manner and her positivity, her willingness to be human and the information she shares is honest. Speaking with her makes me feel as if I'm connecting with wise, caring and supportive FAIRY GOD MOTHER. (May 07, 2015)


Thank you Nancy, you are always such a blessing!! (April 30, 2015)


Nancy, I had a lovely time reading your messages. They really were spot on with what has been occuring in my life. So many changes, and a new found Spiritual awareness. The information given to me is such food for thought. Your answers to my questions enough for what I've needed to have some guidance with. Thank you so much. I felt so much warmth and love given from you. Many thanks. xo S (April 30, 2015)


Thank you for your guidance and clarity. It’s very encouraging to have someone cheering me on! (April 19, 2015)


1st time I called...CHARM! 2nd time I called...CHARM What shall the 3rd time bring... (April 18, 2015) 


Nancy Johansen is SO QUICK and accurate as she tunes in and makes a connection. She's calm, honest, positive and I must repeat, QUICK as she delivers messages and articulates what's going on.  (April 11, 2015)


Thank you Nancy! I'm excited for what's coming next in my life. As always, your loving support is greatly appreciated. (April 11, 2015)


Nancy's ability to immediately zoom into your issues and give you messages that make total sense is just amazing....she listens and connects like she's your best friend. You'll love her! (April 08, 2015)


As always it was a pleasure speaking with Nancy. I adore the way that she speaks with such heart and is able to get right to the core of what I am asking. I feel very supported after speaking with Nancy, in fact I always wish I had more time! ( April 08, 2015)


Thank you for helping me to regain the confidence in my decision making!! (March 28, 2015)


Thank you Nancy for the reading and follow up email. I appreciate the channeled messages from my guides and the hope you gave me for next year. (March 21, 2015) 


Nancy is so easy to connect with....and such a clear channel, the messages start coming from the moment you say hello to her! She delivers it all with both kindness and a sense of won't be disappointed!(March 21, 2015) 


Nancy read my friend and I as a group reading. I want to thank her for that. We loved our reading with Nancy. She was great and offered some very wise advise for the both of us. The Angels are definitely are connected with Nancy. Much love and Blessings to you Nancy! (March 12, 2015)


Thanks Nancy for the call. I wasn't able to leave the feedback yesterday but I was really happy I called you. It has been a difficult time and your words rang true, really helping me to focus again. Thanks again. (February 19, 2015)


Thank you Nancy!!  (February 18, 2015)


Thanks for the wonderful reading, Nancy! I immediately felt the shift in energy after our conversation. I received a phone call today to come back for another interview!  (February 03, 2015) 


Thank you Nancy! You are such a blessing to me and such a clear channel to my Angels!! (February 01, 2015)


I'm very happy I called Nancy, she was able to confirm and put some of my doubts aside. I'm able to move forward more clearly. Nancy tuned in really quickly and was very helpful. ( January 23, 2016)

It's wonderful how she inspires me to live life! (23 January, 2015)It's wonderful how she inspires me to live life! (23 January, 2015)

I absolutely loved the help Nancy gave me. Not only did she lay out for me what could be helpful in the next 2 months as far as my career, but also said I am coming into a whole new beginning. 5 major doors were closed this past week! Well I didn't really freak out knowing in abraham terms it's just contrast! But its a bit difficult when you feel stunned and paralyzed as to what to do! Nancy cleared that up for me. She also helped clarify with extra info as to what some of my cards are meaning! Thank you so much Nancy (12 January, 2015)

Nancy is amazing in her ability to connect to angels & guides. She gives so much information! She picked up on things that were specific and true. (11 January, 2015)

Nancy is very gifted and always right on with what his going on In my life! She is always easy to talk with and very helpful with The guidance she gives you from the angels:) She is an excellent advisor! (2 January, 2015)

Nancy is amazing! She connected with my grandmother and it was very healing to hear the messages she had for me. Nancy was spot on when she told me I would meet my love if I let go of the relationship that no longer served me....when I finally listened, it happened. I am so satisfied with her readings that I bought a TBS for my mother. (31 December, 2014)



Enjoyed the reading with Nancy. She provided great insight. :) Thanks, Nancy. (27 December, 2014)



Nancy is able to let you feel the angelic love in a tangible way. She is able to deliver messages that are both healing and empowering., and gently ushers you into another realm...simply amazing! She is an angel, herself. (21 December, 2014)



Thank you again - you are always so accurate! I really appreciate that you are candid and straightforward. :) (14 December, 2014)



Wonderful reading. Nancy is so skilled, professional, warm, the reading added some new sparkles to my eyes about relationships and work. Thank you Nancy! (12 December, 2014)


Nancy is loving, clear and on her game. Very helpful, thank you!!! (2 December, 2014)



Nancy is truly my angel She is always amazing and great and positive and always right. I hope you are right this time too. I will let you know this week. (11 November, 2014)



I had an exceptional reading with Nancy which helped my understand the issue I was having and she was able to provide me answers that ease my mind about the issue and my path (1 November, 2014)


Love Nancy's angel readings they are the best. Also recommend her relationship read outs! (8 October, 2014)


Thank you for the inspiration and for reminding me that I have a creative side that needs to be revealed! (2 October, 2014)


I listen to Nancy's show every Tuesday and her messages are always just right for me, so when I needed advice I did not hesitate to call her and I am very happy I did. Our conversation was great, and inspiring.. Thanks Nancy. (1 October, 2014)


She shed a new light on the issues to help me see past my own fears and to live life to it's fullest! Thank you! (25 September, 2014)


Thank you Nancy. Your messages and wisdom amaze me every time!! So grateful for you! (21 September, 2014)


Thank you Nancy! You and the Angels just make my heart sing!! (20 September, 2014)


Thank you Nancy - I appreciate very much the clarity and insight. We'll be calling again when the need arises! (18 September, 2014)


Thank you so much for helping me understand my true feelings and to see past my insecurities! I'm taking the plunge! (12 September, 2014)


Excellent and accurate advisor; love her! (8 September, 2014)


Thank you Nancy! Your guidance and calm presence really comforted me. You are such a blessing! (8 September, 2014)


My advisor was great. She answered my question clearly and with insight. It was a great help (31 August, 2014)


She always seem to have a way of helping me see through my clouds of doubt. Thank you so much! (29 August, 2014)


A prediction that Nancy made me for a week ago unfolded exactly as she said it would! She told me that I'd bump into a specific person randomly while out and about, which in turn, would reignite our communication. That was my first time calling Nancy, and I will definitely call her again. Her communication style is "no fluff", which is really great when you just want a simple answer or nudge in the right direction. (26 August, 2014)


Thank you so much Nancy! Your messages really helps ease my fear.... Much love to you. (25 August, 2014)


Thank you. A grounded advisor who has great insight, kindness, vocabulary, and timing. She helps me every time I call. She can be counted on to be friendly, and accurate. (23 August, 2014)


First time I have spoke with Nancy. She is the real deal! Still amazed by her ability, thank you so much!! (20 August, 2014)


Wow! I am still in awe of how she did it. I barely said a word and the messages just came flowing in from her. It all made sense, many validations, and so grateful that I called her. Thank you Nancy!! (20 August, 2014)


Great reading. To the point. Very happy with the reading. Left me with the clarity that i needed and reassurance. Thank you Nancy for taking the time out to send me the extra info. Much appreciated! (18 August, 2014)


Received wonderful guidance. Just what I was hoping for and I feel confident moving forward. Thank you so much. Looking forward to speaking with you again. (13 August, 2014)


Very insightful and the help I needed to see I was on the right path. Thank you! (13 August, 2014)

As always, you hit the nail on the head. I'm so glad to be able call you and get the clarity I'm looking for. Thank you again. (9 August, 2014)


Nancy is amazing as always. Fast, specific and wonderful energy. You'll get a ton of information very quickly and she's right on target! (16 July, 2014)


It was great speaking with Nancy. She understood my situation and was able to speak of a beautiful change coming. I very much appreciated her time. (28 June, 2014)


As always, insightful, compassionate and to the point. Thank you again! (27 June, 2014)


Wow! What an unexpected message for me from my two grandmothers. Profound in so many ways. Thank you Nancy! (27 June, 2014)


One of my favorite readers. She's very quick and delivers a lot of information in a short time. Always a pleasure to speak with her when I need some clarity and encouragement (26 May, 2014)


Thank  you again. It's a pleasure to talk with you and your tarot readings/inerpretations are spot on. (26 May, 2014)


Nancy gives a clear, concise, and valuable angel reading every time I call her. I am amazed every time and would highly recommend her. She is excellent! (23 May, 2014)


on point! (23 May, 2014)


If you ever need someone to talk about where you are in life, please connect with Nancy! She is a star gem and I am so thankful for the gifts she shares with the world. :) Even when you think that life throws you that curve ball, Nancy and the Angels sure know how to help lift your spirits to see the higher perspective of things. Very thankful!! (20 May, 2014)


ancy is an amazing angel reader! She is greatly connected to the heavenly realm and gives a fast, concise, and accurate reading every time I call her. Her readings always cover every question I have without me asking anything. I would highly recommend her. (6 May, 2014)


Excellent. Everything was wonderful and more than I expected. I am very grateful and appreciate the guidance, blessings and the peace this has brought me. Thank you for sharing your gifts. (5 May, 2014


)I love this advisor and have been seeking advice from her for years! (26 April, 2014)


Nancy is my angel. She has been through the darkest days with me in the last year and has been right on the dot for almost everything. I love her and only trust her to do my readings. thanks so much again for everything. (25 April, 2014)


She's very insightful and helps me see another way of looking at things to guide me! (16 April, 2014)


Simply Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your very special gift. My session was exactly what I needed and has helped me more than words can express. I greatly appreciate your time and talent. Looking forward to your continued support. Many Blessings (16 April, 2014)


Nancy really packs a lot into a short time frame. She uses angel cards but can intuitively expand on them really well. Great reader if you don't have a lot of minutes to use. (15 April, 2014)


The insight that was given was so spot on!! Thank you Nancy and the Angels for the uplifting messages. :) (14 April, 2014)


Nancy is consistently amazing! I had another fast, uplifting and accurate angel reading with her and I am very grateful. Her reading covered every answer to every question in every area of my life without me even asking a question. (1 April, 2014)


Thank you for the compassion and insight. (27 March, 2014)


Wonderful! I called for a general reading because I had a few things coming up and I was all over the place mentally and emotionally. I wanted an outside, pointed assessment and that is exactly what I received! She answered and asked how she could help and I said, "I just want a general reading, can you do a spread without me giving any information yet?" And she said, "Absolutely! That's my favorite way to do this because then it means that you get all the information up front and some of your questions might already be answered." She was right. I didn't have any questions after she was finished because she had answered them in the process of giving me a general reading. Also, and this is key for me, she didn't take minutes upon precious minutes to expound on any theories or lament her own personal stories or choose a certain issue and expound needlessly on that. She was concise, to the point and gave me a lot of information even though I gave her no information whatsoever. Have a notepad and pen handy - she is quick and will have many things to tell you. Thank you again! (23 March, 2014)


I was feeling pretty down when I called Nancy as I was going through a challenging situation with a relationship. Nancy helped me to see a variety of things and to focus on things that would help to clear me and make me feel better. I enjoy working with her and hearing her calming voice when I need to let go and refocus my energy. (15 March, 2014)

I had a telephone reading with Nancy recently. I am, in many ways, one of the most difficult types of people to do a psyhic reading for, because I am a mystic, and intuitive and a spiritual healer, and thus there are essentially no problems or issues in my life, nor any questions in my mind, when I ask for a reading, and this can leave a reader with very little to work with, and with less to say. It can make it very difficult for a reader if they feel that they must be finding problem areas in the reading and then be offering advice or guDespite these challenges, Nancy Johansen at Angeltouche managed to give me a good and useful, and fun, reading anyway! It was a totally cold reading, where she knew nothing about me at the start of the reading beyond my first name and the fact that I live on the East Coast. Nonetheless, despite all the challenges or potential difficulties that I have outlined above, Nancy managed to accurately and clearly see a number of things about me and about my life, and she also clearly stated that she saw that I was a spiritual healer and a powerful intuitive, and also many other things that she could not have otherwise known about me.

I had a good time with this reading. (Vinny, March, 2014)


Great session and very heart felt (28 February, 2014)


Nancy is consistently accurate and quick in providing powerful insight into my situation. Her messages are straight from my angels and guides. I am very grateful for this advisor. (22 February, 2014)


Nancy is right on and I love her style of how she does her angel reading. She provided so much insight and guidance. Very thankful for Nancy! :) (18 February, 2014)


I was really happy and impressed when speaking with Nancy. Her impressions were accurate and heradvice full of care and compassion. I would definitely seek advice in the future. (16 February, 2014)


Nancy is very connected to the angelic realm and packs a ton of information into a short time. You'll want to jot it all down as soon as you get off the phone. She uses angel cards and intuition and delivers a lot of love and guidance from your angels in ways that are sure to make you feel better. Great reader. (15 February, 2014)


Great insight and gave much needed guidance! (14 February, 2014)


Nancy is consistently amazing and accurate and tunes in immediately to my angels and guides, offering uplifting advice. . I am very grateful to Nancy as she has helped me tremendously. I would. highly recommend her. (13 February, 2014)


Nancy is so wonderful. Every time I need to hear about my future and where my life is heading I call her. She is compassionate and kind and is always truthful. She does not sugar coat things and tells you the way it is but helps you see what is behind the dark clouds. She has always consistently been right for me (12 February, 2014)



It was a joy to speak with Nancy. She provided me with so much insight and validation. :) (7 February, 2014)


This is the second time in last two years that I spoke with Nancy. She is wonderful person. I got off the phone feeling wonderful. I needed to hear a validation of my mom's situation and it was on the same page of my feelings. My own guides were telling me that the situation is something that my mother have to go through as a soul lesson. Nancy repeated what was told to me. I am so grateful for her spot on validation. She's well in tune with her guides and angels. Thank you, Nancy! Thank you 12listen family! (6 February, 2014)


Nancy's intuitive gifts of immediately tapping into my angels, guides, and loves ones is amazing. I am very grateful to her. Every time I have spoken with her, I feel uplifted, hopeful and comforted. (21 January, 2014)


Thank you for that very helpful call, I really needed to hear some grounded advice tonight. Nancy is very good, I've talked to her several times. Highly trusted advisor. (17 January, 2014)


It was a quick fantastic session that left me feeling so happy and "bubbling" with excitement. Thanks for confirming what I needed and for giving me such a beautiful ceremony to do with my intentions. The ceremony was perfect along with the affirmations. Thanks for the help and the infusion of love and light! (16 January, 2014)


I called Nancy to help me determine if I was on the right track with my career and the preparation that I had been doing. She pulled some cards and said that several Archangels were with me and they were all confirming my decision. It felt wonderful to get the reinforcement. She also gave me some tools to use to connect and channel the energy from the angels. I felt wonderful after talking to her and it was the pick me up that I needed to start preparing for my new career. Thanks Nancy for your love and light! (12 January, 2014)


This lady is the real deal. She is a clear channel, with specific information from the start. The messages she provides are from a place of love with the best guidance and confirmation of where you are right now, and the path ahead. Highly recommended. Thank you.xx (3 January, 2014)


Nancy is awesome! She uses the time very well, and really helped me to have clarity and confidence about my own gifts, projects, etc. Very high vibration loving and spot on! I am so grateful! (18 December, 2013)


I liked the new chat format very much. It was easy to pay as I go with the chat consultation. My advisor was knowledgeable and friendly with great communication. I will definitely chat with her again. (11 December, 2013)


Nancy is absolutely amazing. She always tunes in immediately to my angels and consistently gives fast, extremely accurate readings that are powerful and uplifting. I am very grateful she is available on 12Listen. (6 December, 2013)



I love Nancy! She is incredibly intuitive and is able to immediately connect with my guides and angels so much that I feel heaven is talking to me directly. She has been a lifesaver for me and gives fast, accurate information every time. (26 November, 2013)


Nancy Johansen gave me such insight to the path I am on.I felt in awe of her gift and was glad she asked me if I had a specific question making our session very real ,thank you from Maureen (24 November, 2013)


Nancy, you are a gift! Thank you for an incredible reading that was clear, direct and so insightful. Happy am I, healthy am I, holy am I. God bless you and 12listen☺ (21 November, 2013)


Nancy is a wonderful advisor. So fast, accurate, and loving. I will keep calling. Thank you. (10 November, 2013)


As always always kind, helpful and inspiring. I love Nancy and how she connects with angels and comforts me. Thanks again (30 October, 2013)


Nancy is amazing. She has the ability to tune immediately into my angels and guides and provides me with accurate and loving guidance from my angels and guides. I feel immediately grounded and loved when speaking with her. I am extremely thankful for Nancy. (30 October, 2013)


Nancy is a gem! When I call she already tunes into me and what my angels want me to know. Incredibly accurate and very loving and supportive guidance. Thank you, Nancy! Highly recommend!! (25 October, 2013)


Within a few minutes of speaking with Nancy I felt very grounded. She gave me excellent advice on how to handle an emotionally charged situation at work. I'm so glad I called! (23 October, 2013)


Amazing reading.Wonderful to have my question answered in written form so I am able to reread and absorb the messages sent to me. Excellent advisor. (18 October, 2013)


Thank you Nancy. You given me hope for my future. Being a Virgo, I worry about everything but I recognize the wisdom of your words. You are divinely inspired. Many thanks to you again. (2 October, 2013)


I feel Nancy is grounded, stable and sure about what she says. I heard her deep voice on an interview and it made me want to call and talk with her! She gave me direct answers as well as a perspective of the bigger picture. For someone who gets caught up in the details, she was very soothing! (1 October, 2013)


Thanks you for being so clear. I felt so much better after speaking with you! (27 September, 2013)


Fast and accurate! I appreciate your guidance again Nancy.Thank you for all your help. (22 September, 2013)


Nancy is the best! A healing angel! And accurate! I felt a connection to her and if you're in any doubt - just give her a call. You'll see what I mean when she shares her light! (27 August, 2013)


Nancy is Great ! Everytime I talk to her, I feel the deepest calm and clarity, I leave my worry behind ! She is amazing she has poured light to many areas which were in my blind spot ! Love her ! (22 August, 2013)


Nancy is very calming - radiates peace, and happiness. And she is inspiring because she reads with accuracy and insight. I always feel uplifted after connecting with her. Thank you! (21 August, 2013)


Excellent reader. Her abilities are amazing and she is extremely accurate in her predictions. Thank you ! (12 August, 2013)


Thank you! (6 August, 2013)


Nancy is first and foremost a healer. Her voice is like a heartbeat, steady and loving, calling you home. She hears your narrative and takes it in to work with, but she's not swept away by it - the hearbeat stays steady. Thank you, Nancy. (5 August, 2013)


Nancy is kind, warm and insightful. Communicating with her is refreshing. And her predictions are quite spot on as well! Thank you Nancy! (1 August, 2013)


Thank you for the clarity and encouraging me to trust my intuition. The positive messages from the angels were very comforting and made complete sense. (29 July, 2013)


Nancy is one of the best. She is so accurate and quickly tunes in with the angels. I always feel better after talking with her. She puts things in a positive perspective...just like the angels do. Thank you for everything! (26 July, 2013)


Nancy is simply the BEST. I have talked to her many times and she is always correct in reading the situation perfectly, EXACTLY as it is. She really is an angel. (23 July, 2013)


I can always count on Nancy to tune into me accurately and give me helpful information from my guides an angels - Thank you Nancy! and Thank you for the follow up email. (21 July, 2013)


Nancy is so clear, concise and kind. Always a blessing to have her tune in to me. (21 July, 2013)


Thank you again Nancy to be my angel. Your readings are so accurate and I love that you see past all the clutter of my life. I will definitely do the affirmations daily. You are really amazing. (19 July, 2013)


Nancy is awesome! One of the best on this site for fast and accurate guidance and predictions. Truly amazing talent and I've lots of readings in my life. You won't be disappointed (19 July, 2013)


What can I say, she is the best there is. Nancy, I walk around and repeat your affirmation "My footsteps are divinely guided". It really hit the spot, that one. I really believe this now. I will try to have more fun and be happier. I remember what you said about the law of attraction. I am glad you like Nancy too! (5 July, 2013)


One of the best I have ever talked to. I love her. She is so spot on, and has been on so many times that now I just call her before I do anything. She can pretty much tell me what will happen. Thanks Nancy! mm (4 July, 2013)


I just had an "amazing" reading from Nancy. I am so glad I called her and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of answers. She gave me a lot of incredibly accurate information that was extremely helpful. I received so much information in a short amount of time. I will definitely call her in the future. Thank you Nancy. (June 25, 2013)


I had an **excellent** call with Nancy. She gave me so much guidance on how to move forward for the situation I called about, and was very accurate. She also picked up that a grandmother was helping me from the other side, which makes sense because the only person I know on the other side is my grandmother. I really enjoyed this call, and her email afterwards was helpful and comforting as well. (23 June, 2013)


Nancy offers accurate intuitive readings for insight, clarity and peace of mind. (21 June, 2013)


I purchased the one question email service. I am so glad I did! I have so much clarity after reading Nancy's messages from my angels and guides. She is so clear and got to the heart of the matter. Nancy is very accurate and responded in less than 4 hours. (21 June, 2013)


Fabulous reading! Quick assessment/accurate and respected my time!!! Love that! (18 June, 2013)


She literally made me speechless. It was my first time calling her and she said some things that no one knew and she was so right on for everything. Really amazing and just truly unbelievably incredibly psychic. There is no one quite like her and I have goosebumps even thinking about it. I was literally pinned to my chair for an hour after the reading. Thanks deal Nancy. I will call you very soon again. (16 June, 2013)


Went into the reading feeling less than confident in myself and my abilities and left the reading feeling as though I was standing on solid ground. The reading was prefaced with angel messages that matched my reason for calling exactly. This advisor is right there with you; accurate and fast. She can read between the lines. And the wisdom shared during this reading comforts me still. (9 June, 2013)



Wonderful reading! I asked Nancy for any messages and these validated that my intuition is on the uplift...absolutely loads of info in only a few does she do that?? Thank you so much Nancy for the encouragement and telling me that I'm right on path now! (8 June, 2013)


Nancy really stands out with her ability to pick up so much information so quickly with very little info from you. She's very accurate and sees right to the base of your issues very quickly. Impressive! (7 May, 2013)


Nancy is AWESOME!!!! Clear, accurate, lots of information, a real gem! (6 May, 2013)


Nancy was ready to tell me what she saw when I called. Wow, she was able to tell me why I called and what has been going on for me, and what to expect moving forward. I am very impressed by her gift and delighted that I found her. Thank you so much!! (28 April, 2013)


Nancy is amazing... she tuned in quick and provided specific answers to questions I had not even asked yet... as well as profound clarity for the questions I did ask. Thank you Nancy! (31 March, 2013)


I usually allow Nancy to begin, as I LOVE to hear what she has to say and it is always right on with what is going on with me! She is very clear, accurate, and loving! Looking forward to the next chat! Thank you!! (28 April, 2013)


Amazing reading... So spot on and great insight. Thank you for your direct and honest reading. I was truly amazed and will definitely be calling again. Thank you Nancy. xxx (19 April, 2013)


Awesome reading. Nancy never ceases to anaze me with her knowledge and she inspires me to move forward with confidence. Thank you ! (16 April, 2013)


Nancy is absolutely amazing. I hadn't had a reading from anyone in years, my life is in turmoil and I felt like I was beginning to unravel. Nancy stood out for me so I set up an appointment and am soooo happy I did. She started right off the bat telling me about myself, what I've been emotionally going through, and giving me complete peace of mind. I highly recommend her!!! (13 April, 2013)



She is wonderful advisor and offers compassionate advice. Thank you for the kind words. (12 April, 2013)

Thank you for your guidance! Many blessing to you!!! (8 April, 2013)


Nancy accurately tuned in to my father who passed away and to what was going on in my life. Wow, she had so much information to pass on to me. She is just amazing! I will definitely be calling Nancy again. (8 April, 2013)


WOW...fantastic advisor. Really appreciate her compassion and her incredible gift. Thank you for the follow up email! (7 April, 2013)


Nancy is AWESOME!!! Her messages are filled with love, guidance, and clarity! I would HIGHLY recommend her, ALWAYS! She definitely has a clear, loud, accurate group of angels speaking to her on our behalf. Thank you so very much!! (31 March, 2013)


Nancy is amazing... she tuned in quick and provided specific answers to questions I had not even asked yet... as well as profound clarity for the questions I did ask. Thank you Nancy! (31 March, 2013)


Thanks so much for the nice thoughts (29 March, 2013)


Thank you. Everything was right on. I'm working on recommendations and feel so hopeful and joyful. Grateful for this reading. (28 March, 2013)



Thank you for the great insight and positive messages to help me move forward. (28 March, 2013)


I am so happy I called Nancy. She is amazing! She helped to understand what is going on with me and everything she said resonated with me. I love her energy too. I felt so comforted and safe with her. It was like chatting with a long time friend who really has your best intentions at heart. Thank you so much! (27 March, 2013)


Nancy is an excellent reader. She gets right to the heart of the matter and encouraged you to go for it! (18 March, 2013)



Nancy is super quick at tuning in and has proven to be very accurate. She offers really positive and supportive advice. As I've consulted with her a few times on a specific topic, she has proven to be very consistent in her intuitive hits. She also is very kind and compassionate. (12 March, 2013)



Nancy is INCREDIBLE!!! Have your tape recorder ready because she is fast and has LOTS to tell you, as she did me! She was awesome with her information, especially considering I went into it really general, no specific questions! I would HIGHLY recommend her! Thanks so much!! (11 March, 2013)


Thank you so much. Your support is warm insightful and thoughtful (5 March, 2013)


What a wonderful advisor! This was time well spent. She is amazingly gifted, communicative, and helpful. Oh! and I should add... multi-faceted! We covered it all in such a short time. It seems like any issue will be greatly improved by being brought into a reading with Nancy. Again, thank you. Bless you for reading for me today. You have already assisted me beyond measure. I look forward to many future connections. (18 February, 2013)


Thank you so much Nancy! You have a very warm heart, great insight and this helps me greatly to validate the path that I am on in my life. (30 January, 2013)

I enjoyed talking to Nancy, again. I said I'll call back. My guides told me to call her. This time I had a wonderful career opportunity to come up and I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision. Sure enough I was. I also was told to take care of myself. I promise I would. I appreciate her accuracy on the calls. Thank you,Nancy. (27 January, 2013)

Nancy's Life Path email reading is fantastic. Her knowledge and accuracy is simply amazing. She has given me clarity on many issues and also the assurance I am moving in the right direction with my life. Truly an awesome experience. THANK YOU SO MUCH ! (22 January, 2013)


She gives such a concise and wonderful reading. (27 December, 2012)


Nancy, thank you so much for the awesome reading...Great information and advice!...Blessings to you! (18 December, 2012)

I felt that Nancy brought up some important messages from my Grandmas and I needed to hear that. I also wanted clarification about spirit guides and Archangels. I'm understanding certain things in life. I just wish I had more funds. Next month I'll call Nancy back again. I'm intrigue by the many helpers that I have on the other side. (12 December, 2012)

WOW !!!! Totally blew me away with the reading. Nancy knew things about me that no one could have possibly guessed. She is the real deal ! (12 December, 2012)

Thank you so much for your amazing reading! I am blessed to be able to talk to you! You were so accurate about many things in my life and so quick to answer my questions. There was so much information you were able to share- I know that it's because you are connected to the angels. You are an incredible light worker! I won't hesitate to call you again and again. (10 December, 2012)

2ND time I used this advisor. She is so right on with her messages from angels and other realms. I appreciate her help and guidance (7 December, 2012)

I was so impressed with her reading. Didn't ask questions and was so correct. I would definitely use her again. (3 December, 2012)

Nancy is amazing. She is truly a lightworker. She only focused on the positive side of things. She quickly tuned in my situation and gave me excellent advice. (3 December, 2012)

She is very clear, wonderful, and just a great intuitive force. I really like her straightforward delivery and messages. Thanks a million! (2 December, 2012)

nancy is able to quickly get into messages from your angels and guides without even a question. (19 November, 2012)


This was my first time calling Nancy. And it wont be the last. She tuned in very quick and she have describe my situation very accurate. Help me understand many thing thats happening in my life. She is truly gifted, I am thankful that I have found her. (24 October, 2012)

An interesting reading session. Very quick and knows a lot! (22 October, 2012)

Nancy is inherently kind and thoughtful in her insights. It is amazing to me how she is able to provide information on my confusing topic with clarity. Thank you for sharing your gift (8 October, 2012)

Nancy is absolutely amazing with her gift for messages. (26 September, 2012)

Nancy is so warm and encouraging. She is highly gifted and I'm so grateful for the perspective she has given me! Highly recommended! (24 September, 2012)

Excellent reader. Tunes in immediately without having to say anything. Can heartily recommend!! (23 September, 2012)

Lots of helpful insight and guidance. Nancy is super fast at tuning in! (20 September, 2012)

Given little to no information, Nancy tunes right in and starts talking - AMAZING! Wow, what a great reading and she offers really helpful guidance. I will definitely check in again with her. (18 September, 2012)

unbelievable how she is able to get into your messages. she knew things only i owuld know (16 September, 2012)

Thanks Nancy - I'll look forward to it all! (3 September, 2012)

Truly a blessing and gift speaking with Nancy. Her validation and encouragement in my decision for change provided the much needed peace in my heart, and the added excitement for upcoming future! She is a truly a gift to 12House and look forward to connecting again in the future! Thank you! (1 September, 2012)

Oh. My. God!!! She was AWESOME!! I am SO IMPRESSED with how MANY details in my life she knew with no prompting from me at all!! She knew about my grandmother, she knew about my desire to teach adults, she knew about my husband and our recent conversation, she knew about the classed I plan to take next year!!! HOLY COW!! She was SO CONNECTED!!! I will definitely call her back!!! Thank you SO MUCH, Nancy!! (29 August, 2012)

Nancy was able to go directly to the situation and offer very helpful advice. I highly recommend her! (21 August, 2012)

Beautiful reading with amazing clarity and accuracy!!! Nancy has such wonderful energy and her reading was just flowing with information. It brought me so much comfort and direction. I would not hesitate to speak with her again!!! (15 August, 2012)

I just had my first reading with this advisor, and she is excellent. Picked up on big life themes and spiritual lessons, issues that I have been dealing with for a long time. She also helped give me some comfort on something I am healing from. Thank you, Nancy. (15 August, 2012)

Nancy is AMAZING! She was able to very quickly connect to my situation and show me what I could not see clearly. I can not recommend her enough! <3 (14 August, 2012)


What an absolutely delightful reader!...Nancy is a warm, caring, easy to talk to person and talk about accurate!...She knew thngs that only I would know...Thank you, Nancy, for the awesome reading!...Blessings to you! (8 August, 2012)

Nancy is as beautiful and angelic as the angels she channels for you...she gives 110% of herself, using her many gifts and skill to raise your vibration as high as you will allow her her! (Daniella, 2019)

"I came into Angeltouche to lose weight but I got so much more than that. I gained peace of mind free of the saboteur and what my purpose was at the beginning of this course was not my purpose at the end...

...Nancy helped me see the growth I've had, the leaps and bounds of life events that I've overcome and grown from and helped me to become a better husband to my beautiful husband." 

— Dqn, 2018

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