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All About
Nancy Johansen & Mystical Whispers

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Spruce Pond Village in Franklin, MA

I am a mystic. A life-long spiritual psychic medium, meaning, I am one of the lucky ones,  since childhood I have been able to connect with spirit - the other side, angels & spirit guides. It is my passion, and I believe part of my soul purpose to do Spiritual Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Soul Coaching, Counseling and Teaching.

During your Session I will connect quickly with Spirit -  your angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones to answer questions and deliver the clarity and insight you need. Your session will include a full reading - all your questions answered, plus one more question for the road, and a Destiny Report and a 40-50 page written report for you with detailed information about your personality, karmic lessons and upcoming influences. No element of your life is too small, too insignificant, or too large for Spirits' time, attention and assistance. 

Studied in Angeltherapy, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, The Destiny System, Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology I am happy to provide detailed forecasts and  predictions. I am a Certified Holistic Health, Wellness, Life & Soul Coach, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and Registered Nurse with almost 40 years experience in Emergency Nursing.

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All Your Questions
  Connect with Your
Angels, Spirit Guides,
& Loved Ones in Heaven.
Clarity, Insight
Peace of Mind

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 Are You Ready to Have...

~ Your Own Personal Psychic Advisor?
~ Your Own Holistic Life Coach?
~ Your Own Psychic Soul Coach?
~ Holistic Health Coach?
Your Own Personal Counselor?

~ Balance of Body, Mind & Spirit?

Then You are Ready to work with Nancy!
Is What You are Doing Today
Getting You to Where You 
Want to Be Tomorrow?

It's Time
to Remember
Who You
Really Are!

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The Question is
"Is Spirit Speaking?"
Spirit is
Real Question 
"Are You Listening?"

Your Own

Mystical Whispers

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 Create Health, Success,
Personal  & Spiritual

I help busy, motivated, and often overwhelmed souls who are feeling lost, struggling in their everyday very human lives to Create the Incredible Life that they have always dreamed about, and to remember their true Authentic Self. Everyone has different dreams and desires. If You Feel Stuck and KNOW that you are meant to be living the Soul Satisfying Life of Your Dreams, then my coaching program is for you. I’ve become a master at helping individuals identify their goals, clarify their hope and dreams, to overcome those invisible obstacles that have have been blocking the path to Transformation.


I use traditional therapy, psychic ability, and multiple certified holistic methods to Create Incredible Transformation Fast! I have 40 years of ER experience, over 50,000 hours of counseling clients, 32 years of marriage, one divorce and one soul satisfying marriage at present, 4 children, 3 grandchildren, and 2 dogs. I have a unique depth of experience and spiritual development to share with you on your journey of transformation.   




          Peace of Mind


Spirit is Always Speaking!

Are You Listening ?

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